About Our Team

The Dot Zero Multimedia team consists of writers, creatives, and people who are genuinely interested in bettering the community through positive stories, videos, and other digital content.  We live, work, and play in the Eagle Valley area and we want to help TELL YOUR STORY.

dot zero authors

Dot Zero Multimedia located in Dotsero, Colorado is just like you, a local business.  We tailor all of our clients’ campaigns to a local audience because that’s who matters to us and who ultimately keeps your doors open.

About Our Name

The name Dot Zero originates from a reference point on Ferdinan Hayden’s survey maps of central and southwest Colorado in 1877.  He pin pointed Dot Zero as the junction between the old and new routes to Denver from Salt Lake City.  This point on the map lies exactly where the town of Dotsero is now.  It’s only right to include this piece of history in our name.

How We Got Our Start

Dot Zero Multimedia was created after viewing many depressing, sad, and negative news stories.  We wanted to change that and create content that is positive and creates a synergy among viewers that gets them involved.  Next we started writing and reaching out to people, organizations, and businesses in our community that wanted to TELL THEIR STORY.