At Dot Zero Multimedia everything starts with pen and paper.  Writing is the purest form of creativity and great ideas are brought to the light when writing.  We want to do the same with your story.

A great article starts with good questions.  Our team will develop questions to which your answers will not only state your message, but brings out some personality as well.  After the initial interview is where we go to work adding some creativity to the article by adding pictures, videos, web links, and other pieces that makes your story shine.

Once we’re finished with your article we’ll send you a draft for any revisions that you want.  Once we perfect the article we’ll release it to you and you can share with your potential customers, friends, family, group members, etc.  Dot Zero Multimedia will also  spread your article around to all of our social media outlets to gain the most traction possible.  See examples of past blog posts on the Dot Zero Multimedia Blog.

Starting your article is super easy.  Just answer some basic questions below and a member of the Dot Zero Multimedia team will be in contact with you for some follow up questions.