This past weekend the Dot Zero Multimedia team had the opportunity to work with a couple of great companies and get an up close and personal look at how team-work, passion, leadership, and a little bit of grit turns into a spectacular event that everyone can appreciate.  The event that brought all this to light was the annual Costco Employee Club Christmas Party.

The Costco Team

In one word, this group of people is….FUN.  They have a contagious energy that makes you feel like you’re one of them.  I’ll admit, I do have a special relationship with one of the people in this group, but when you’re greeted with hugs, smiles, and laughs it’s hard not to like the Costco crew.  I’ve seen first-hand how hard this team works and it’s nice to see them get to enjoy themselves and each-other’s company on a night like this.  If any of the Costco crew reads this article, THANK YOU for taking time out of your weekend to celebrate.

The Prizes

An exciting part of the Costco Employee Club Christmas Party are the prizes.  Holy crap did they give away some good stuff.  Prizes included a new TV, cash cards (to Costco of course), speakers, headphones, blenders, keyboards, home goods, etc, etc, etc.  Below are some of the happy winners of these awesome prizes.

An Awesome Venue – 7 Hermits Brewery

This year’s Costco Employee Club Christmas Party was held at 7 Hermits Brewing Company in Eagle, CO.  I mentioned before how a little bit of team-work and grit can turn into a spectacular event, well, the staff over at 7 Hermits took no shortcuts in making this event a success.  A big shout-out goes to Thomas and Matt for allowing Costco to rent out the entire building for the night and for donating some gifts to lucky winners.  The bartenders were fast, friendly, and never let anyone go thirsty.  The cooks did an amazing job at whipping up a feast that did not disappoint.  If there is anyone else I forgot to mention from the 7 Hermits staff, GREAT JOB!  You can find more information on 7 Hermits Brewing Company on their Facebook page or by visiting their website Below are some photos of the venue and tasty food.

The Decorating Queen

One of the members of the Costco crew has been coined “The Decorating Queen” and the name fits her well.  Brooke Baughfman is in charge of organizing, managing, and decorating parties for the Costco Employee Club.  I’ve seen this girl plan for events and she has a gift to turn any room into a masterpiece.  I mentioned earlier that I had a special relationship with a member of the Costco crew and “The Decorating Queen” is her.

Brooke has spent countless hours preparing for her guests’ arrival.  Our house has been filled with lists, gifts, decorations, center pieces, wrapping paper, food that I can’t eat, and some more lists.  There’s something about the way she plans for these events that I’ll never quite understand, but it’s seriously impressive.  If you ever read this Brooke, GREAT JOB!  Also a special thanks for Marla for taking time to help prepare for the party.  Take a peek at the detail that goes into her work in the pictures below.

From an on-lookers perspective I can see the joy the Costco team brings to each other.  They work hard, but play even harder when they get to celebrate.  It was our pleasure being part of their party and hope to see everyone again soon.  Thanks again to 7 Hermits Brewing Company, Brooke, and Costco for being part of this wonderful community we call home.

Thanks for reading!


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