Dot Zero Multimedia has the tools and resources necessary to produce highly engaging and memorable creative material.  Whether it be video, graphics, or photography we have you covered.

At Dot Zero Multimedia there is no job too small.  Take for instance this group of friends who wanted to tell the story about their first time experience using virtual reality.


Do you have pictures that are just sitting there collecting dust.  Put them to good use by creating a video montage to help share your wonderful images.  As you can see in this piece, stunning images are brought to life with the help of video.


The Glenwood Canyon is an unforgettable drive and is something that every person visiting or living in Eagle County should experience.  Besides the rocky cliffs above your ceiling and the gushing river below your tires, the winding roads are sure to get any adrenaline junkie’s blood pumping.  Videos like these are something that we create to show of an experience you don’t want to forget and can re-live over and over again.


Are you an artist with a portfolio full of projects that no one has ever seen?  Show them off!  This was a project that I did for Anytime Fitness and it serves as an example of what we can do to showcase your projects.  Dot Zero Multimedia produces an Artist Of The Month article to help promote your favorite creations.  We want to write about you…use the Contact Us link to connect with us.


Show off new products or promote you business with the help of video.  Video is becoming increasingly important as a communication tool and should be utilized in your marketing plans.  We can develop a customized marketing campaign and target the audience that you want your video to be seen by.


You just had the time of your life on a vacation and as you’re scrolling through the 1,000s of photos and videos you took you think.  “Wouldn’t it be cool to put all these photos and videos in order and re-live our vacation over and over.”  Create a one-of-a-kind video that expresses just how much fun you had during your vacation, wedding, birthday party, etc, etc, etc.


Upgrade your photos with some Photoshop editing.  Add titles, change colors, remove colors, edit the background. Let whatever you imagine come to life with photo editing from Dot Zero Multimedia.