Social Media Management

Social Media Management isn’t just about posting content on Facebook or Instagram.  Social Media Management has become a complex, multi-faceted role that requires constant attention.  Use social media platforms to voice the personality your brand, promote yourself, raise brand awareness, and connect with your audience via engaging content.  It isn’t a job that functions independently or in isolation within your company.

Let’s face it, the social media world is growing fast.  Customers are consuming content and information about your product or service at lightning speed.  It’s time to be where your customers are…online.  By joining the conversation online you’re able to put yourself where your customers are already going.  You’re able to unobtrusively generate leads and gain more insight into what your customers actually care about.

Here’s how Dot Zero Multimedia can help:

Graphics Production

Research shows photo posts on Facebook get 120% more engagement than other types of posts.  It’s important that your social pages have eye-catching images to increase engagement and develop a following.

Copy Writing

The ability to express your message in writing is a necessary skill to communicate your message to viewers.  As communication with current and potential customers increases Dot Zero Multimedia prides ourselves with messages that clearly convey a message that stands out and will get viewers excited.

Customer Service Mindset

Your social media presence is your brand’s face online.  With Dot Zero Multimedia’s help we can tell the story you want to tell and develop your brand’s identity through excellent customer service.

Content Marketing

Content is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.  Think of Dot Zero Multimedia as the gatekeep and promoter of this content.

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