Tyler and I have worked together on a number of marketing and sales related projects for QuietKat over the past few years. Tyler wears a number of hats and is not afraid to jump in head-first to complete any task that is thrown his way. Tyler is extremely well-versed in Adobe Creative Suite and his ability to think “outside the box” when it comes to designing print and digital media is unmatched. QuietKat is a relatively new brand in the hunting industry and Tyler has been an integral part of our growth and success because of his dedication to consistent branding across all media platforms. I highly recommend Tyler as a valuable asset and team member to our organization.

Adam ParrTransition Wild

Tyler worked for me at Vitense Golfland, where he was a valued asset. He was always coming up with new marketing ideas and really thought outside of the box. Tyler was very talented in the field of graphic and video design. He kept the workplace lively and energetic.

JoEllen GraberVitense Golfland

I’ve known Tyler for the past couple years outside of the Janesville Jets. I always thought of him as a go-getter and very talented as far as promotions go in his work for Local Vision TV. I offered Tyler the Friday night Public Address Announcer job for the Jets this season. As I want to bring his creativity and high energy personality to our product. From the beginning Tyler worked at getting to that High Level that I knew he could achieve.  I would not hesitate hiring him again to work in a promotion and marketing position.

Greg HanthornJanesville Jets

I managed Tyler for a summer when he worked at the Wisconsin Lottery and I can now say that Tyler was one of the greatest interns we have ever had. His personality is one that brings out the best in everyone. He always has a smile on his face and knows just what to say to get a conversation going and to keep it going. This is an extremely important thing when it comes to Customer Service. He is a person with an unlimited amount of energy and he is always looking for ways to better the company. Tyler took the time to create videos and design new products for us, and these were things we had never seen from an intern before. I would recommend Tyler for and position in marketing, video/web design, special events, or any business position in general.

Andrea HydeWisconsin Lottery   

Tyler took my ideas that I roughly sketched on paper to make a functional, attractive and useful tool for my out of town guests. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Wendie Dodge –