5 Qualities To Look For In Your Engagement/Wedding Photographer

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Capturing this moment is something that you’ll want to look back on for the rest of your life.  You’ll need the help of a professional photographer doing so.  When selecting your engagement photographer there are some important qualities to look for that save time, headaches, and most importantly provide results.

In the article below we’ll go over some qualities to look for in your engagement/wedding photographer and how the local photographer, Cameron C Photography, is taking them to the next level.


Do some research when selecting your wedding/engagement photographer.  Ask friends, perform Google searches, read reviews, look at their work. It’s not 1920, this information is at your fingertips. Don’t pick a photographer based solely on price, remember you’ll get what you pay for.  Also, pick a photographer that specializes in engagement/wedding photography.


Isn’t it the worst when you can’t get a response out of a business?  You send emails, make phone calls, send texts, and you get nothing.  Make sure your photographer is responsive to your needs.  Are they setting dates? answering your questions? giving you ideas? giving you a clue of what’s going on?  If not, it’s probably not a good idea to go any further with them.

In the discovery stage of picking a photographer for our engagement photos, Cameron C Photography was active in conversation and answered our questions in a timely manner.  Going into our engagement photo shoot both parties knew exactly what to expect.

Knows The Area

If you already have a location in mind ask your photographer if they’re familiar with the area.  It’s important for the photographer to know the landscape in order to get the subjects in the best light and focus.  If the photographer has experience shooting in the area they’ll know what works and can quickly get the desired shot without wasting too much time.

Recently, we went on an engagement shoot with Cameron C Photography by Sylvan Lake and you could tell that she was familiar with the area.  She pointed us to the desired spot, quickly put us (the subjects) in focus, and achieved outstanding results.  We went to four different spots; each providing a different look and feel.  It was evident that she scouted the location first and knew exactly what she was after.

Trusts Their Equipment & Techniques

With any profession, you must know your equipment, the same applies to your engagement/wedding photographer.  Is the photographer bring all the equipment necessary?  Are they familiar with the different techniques to capture the desired shot? Do their cameras look uncared for or outdated?

Cameron C Photography practices the most advanced skills in photography and proved that she really knew her stuff.  There wasn’t any downtime setting up different pieces of equipment or checking to make sure she was getting the shot correctly, she just knew.  This ultimately saved time and energy, it also provided us with a sense of confidence that Cameron was providing us with exactly what we wanted.

Provides Results

At the end of the day, it’s all about the final result.  In the case of a professional photographer, it’s “did they capture the moment?”  Did they provide you with the images that express how you’re feeling at that moment?  Are the locations appealing to the eye?  Did they make it fun so it shows on your face?  On a more technical standpoint, you’ll want the photos to be in a high enough resolution for print, but also a small enough file size to share on the internet without needing 10 minutes to load.

Getting engaged is something that should be treasured for an eternity and great photos certainly help.  Keep in mind some of these tips when selecting your engagement/wedding photographer to help capture the moment.

If you want to find more information on Cameron C Photography you can visit her website at www.cameroncphotography.com or by visiting her Facebook page.

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