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A Brief History Of Text Acronyms


We use them in our daily text conversations without much thought.  LOL, LMAO, SMH, and the occasional FML.  Text acronyms have become so common that we often forget where most of them originated.  My first experience and I’m assuming many of you as well,  was with AOL Instant Messenger.  Let’s bring it back a couple decades and review some of our favorites.

A/S/L – Age/Sex/Location

Oh, did you think we forgot about the sweetest pick-up line in chat room history?

BRB – Be Right Back

Often used when your parents were screaming at you to join family dinner, but you didn’t want to end the conversation.  BRBs could go on for hours.

WYD – What Ya Doing?

When you saw the WYD acronym on your screen you instantly knew the person on the other side had some kick-ass plan in his/her brain and you couldn’t wait to hear about it.

LYLAS – Love Ya Like A Sister

This acronym will easily be recognized by all the ladies…or dudes caught in the “friend zone”.

GTG – Got To Go

This is when you immediately had to leave.  No LYLAS or BRB about it.  You’re gone!


Just a fun read to bring you back to the day.  Did we miss any?  Leave your favorite text acronym in the comments below.

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