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Let us be the first to tell you, we don’t know much about fitness or working out. Our idea of stretching is reaching for the potato chip bag on the couch. Luckily, we know Angela Muzic from Barre Rhythm and she’s schooling us on how exercising not only improves our physical health, but also on how we’ll feel after one of her invigorating workouts. It’s scientifically proven that exercising improves your mental health. Anyone that feels that “runners high” after a work out will tell you the same. Here’s how we felt after a Barre Rhythm class.


Feeling lazy or tired? We all feel this way sometimes. You’ve had a hard day and faced a lot of obstacles. An easy way to combat these feelings is to get your blood pumping with some cardio. Barre Rhythm classes are face-paced, fun, and will leave you feeling energized to tackle those challenges that have you feeling lethargic.

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Take a couple minutes before you go into the Barre Rhythm studio and watch people as they walk out. Without a doubt you’ll see smiles and feel the positive vibes. This is because while exercising, endorphins, a chemical that fights stress, is released and makes you feel happy.

With mental health being at the forefront of many conversations, we at Dot Zero Multimedia believe that exercising and improving your physical health can also have a huge difference in your mental health. Give yourself a chance to feel the happiness after a Barre Rhythm workout.


“We hear it all the time. I have too much going on this week or I’m going to start next month. Start today!” Muzic says.

Truth is you’ll feel even more accomplished than if you stayed home and started doing all those things you thought you needed to get done. If you think you don’t have time to work out because something else is more important, please think of yourself and health first. Your body deserves to feel accomplished and trust me it will after a Barre Rhythm workout.

Muzic says, “The week is going to pass, the month is going to pass. Where will your health be in that time?”

barre rhythm eagle colorado
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“We have world class outdoor terrain right outside our front doors, literally. Being able to translate what we work on inside the studio to our outdoor lifestyle is priceless.” states Muzic.

After a Barre Rhythm class you’ll be inspired to take what you’ve learned and apply it to one of the many outdoor activities Eagle County has to offer. Whether it be mountain biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, etc.

When asked what the biggest reward she receives from operating Barre Rhythm, Muzic states, “seeing people’s health improve, mentally, nutritionally and physically…I am blessed to be able to share this with people.”


Inevitably you’ll feel stronger once you start working out. The difference is you’ll be using the skills learned in Barre Rhythm classes to continue getting stronger. Snow will be hitting the ground soon and we’ll have to go outside and shovel. After a couple of Barre Rhythm workouts you’ll start to notice that it’s not that hard because you’re getting stronger. We might not always enjoy shoveling, but you can take pride in your strength while doing so.

barre rhythm eagle colorado
owner barre rhythm angela muzic

Barre Rhythm owner, Angela Muzic, has been in the fitness industry for 15 afters she got her first fitness certificate in 2003. You can tell that her favorite part of the job is meeting the people. “Helping people learn and understand movement and nutrition is the most rewarding part. Also, the music is fun during the workout.” Muzic Says.

Here’s the best part…If you’re new to the studio, the first week of unlimited classes is complementary. View all Barre Rhythm classes and sign up at www.barrerhythm.com. See all the latest Barre Rhythm news and stories by following their Facebook and Instagram pages. Of course you can always give them a phone call at 970-366-3759.

So go ahead and visit the Barre Rhythm studio, located in Eagle at 50 Chambers Ave Unit N, and experience your body and mind changing.

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