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Blog writing at Dot Zero Multimedia is more than just writing for the purpose of writing.  We focus on a writing style that tells your story in a strategic fashion.  Show that you’re an expert in your business by producing articles that potential customers actually want to read.  Let your brain full of knowledge shine in the form of a professionally written blog post. The team at Dot Zero Multimedia is focused on proving that you’re the best at what you do, now it’s time to let people read about it.

Read more about the importance of Blog Writing in this article HERE.

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At Dot Zero Multimedia everything starts with pen and paper. Writing is the purest form of creativity and great ideas are brought to the light when writing. We want to do the same with your story. Don’t know where to start? that’s ok, we’ll help you every step of the way. Here are some things to think about:

  • Where you started
  • What you’re doing now
  • Where you’d like to be in the future
  • Current promotions or projects you’re working on
  • Interesting facts about your business
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A great blog article starts with good questions. Our team will develop questions to which your answers will not only state your message but bring out some personality as well. After the initial interview is where we go to work adding some visual aids to the article in the form of pictures, videos, web links, or other media that make your story shine.

To begin your story answer the questions below and a member of our staff will reach out to you shortly for follow up questions.

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