Business Owners Should Be Outsourcing These 3 Tech Tasks

outsourcing business operations

Technology plays an increasingly growing role in business management. As a business owner, you hardly have time to focus on the many different tech-related tasks that are fundamental to your daily operations. Some of these tech jobs require years of experience or specialized training. For that reason, you should outsource certain ongoing tasks to reliable business partners or freelancers so you can save yourself time and money.

Web Development

Optimizing your web presence is a constant battle in the online business world. Designing an attractive and intuitive website is crucial for audience engagement and retention. Freelance web designers and developers are available when you need them without the need to hire an in-house employee. It would be best to continue consulting with your web developer of choice on a periodic basis to make sure that your site is properly maintained.

Social Media Management

Making the most of social media requires more than a half-hearted post every couple of days or so. Your social accounts are a serious aspect of your company’s marketing strategy. Sourcing the management of your social media to a specialist will do wonders for your page’s engagement. The ideal social media manager will draft well-written posts and use analytics to tweak their campaign strategies.┬áSee what the Dot Zero Multimedia team can do.


One of the most essential aspects of an online business is cybersecurity. It is also one of the most overlooked areas in business, perhaps due to the complexity of the subject. Sourcing your security needs to a dedicated team or company is ideal for protecting your assets and your customers’ personal information. Your chosen cybersecurity specialists should be available at all hours of the day and will scale with you as your business expands.

Source Tasks to Software Instead

While certain tech tasks are ideal for sourcing to outside specialists due to creative needs or outright complexity, some tasks are simply repetitive and can be sourced to software instead. Experts claim that automation can be introduced to as many as half of your business activities. You can save money, and even office space, by utilizing software for certain tasks rather than hiring additional employees. The processes you can delegate to software might include:

Other Considerations for Scaling Your Business

There will be new administrative duties to consider as you scale your business with new employees and outside investors. The structure of your business is of particular importance, as you may quickly outgrow the benefits of a limited liability company. Reforming your company as a corporation in Colorado can be a good idea for entrepreneurs who are taking on investors because corporation shares are easier to transfer than LLC membership interests.

Changing the formation of a business can be a complicated affair, so you might consider using an online formation service to simplify the process and ensure compliance with your state. Be aware that changing your company’s structure may change your personal liability and tax payment obligations.

Outsourcing tasks may seem like a strain on your budget if you are in the early stages of your startup. As your business grows, however, it will become increasingly essential to get help managing the expanding facets of a thriving company. Freelancers, external companies, and specialized software are all viable resources for scaling your enterprise and reaching greater heights.

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