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We first met Tony Martinez, from Cornerstone Insurance & Financial, at a Gypsum Chamber of Commerce mixer. You know when you’re new to a group and you’re kind of hiding in the corner waiting for someone to come talk to you. Well, we were the ones in the corner and Tony was that person that came and talked to us. We were thinking he was coming at us with an elevator pitch about how doing business with him could decrease our insurance expenses, but we were wrong. Tony wanted to get to know us, learn about our goals, and hear about our hobbies. That “getting to know you” mindset is something that speaks volumes for us; and for the purpose of this article, something every business owner should look for in their insurance provider and financial advisor.


cornerstone insurance and financial

Cornerstone Insurance & Financial, located in Gypsum, Colorado, specializes in insurance coverage and risk mitigation for hotels, restaurants, breweries & bars. Cornerstone Insurance offers policies ranging from Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation, Liquor Liability, and more.

Here’s how to start:

  • Step #1 – Call Cornerstone and have them come do a risk management analysis of your business.
  • Step #2 – Read your one-page risk assessment and learn how Cornerstone Insurance & Financial can help save money on your insurance costs.

That’s it, it’s really that easy. In your assessment, you’ll be advised of areas that you can improve from a compliance and safety standpoint. Tony states, “In my entire career I have never had a lost-time injury in a restaurant.”

Meet The Cornerstone Insurance & Financial Team

Tony Martinez began his career as a classically trained chef, working and studying under many world renowned Chefs. Now, working with hotels, restaurants, and all types of businesses, Tony helps reduce the cost of risk, ensuring your business can continue in the event of a loss.

Michelle Martinez brings nearly two decades of Financial Planning to Cornerstone.  She is a retirement and wealth accumulation specialist who guides pre retiree’s ages 55+ into retirement through active investing. Michelle helps minimize taxes via tax planning, and maximizing Social Security benefits when that time arises.

More About Cornerstone Insurance & Financial

We at Dot Zero Multimedia aren’t claiming to be insurance and financial experts, but that’s why we have people like Tony and Michelle at Cornerstone to aid us along the way. Here’s what we’ve learned from hanging out with the Cornerstone team.

  • Tony has extensive knowledge in the Hospitality industry. He’s worked alongside some of the world’s most renowned chefs and truly loves cooking and being in the kitchen.
  • Because of his experience working in restaurants, Tony can quickly assess your operation and point out improvements that save you money.
  • Just like Tony, Michelle gets to know you and your financial goals before recommending any of her services. This is very important when managing your retirement and investments.
  •  Tony and Michelle are genuine people and vital assets to the community. Their drive and passion to help families and business navigate their way through insurance and financial options are evident.
cornerstone insurance and financial

Finals Thoughts From Dot Zero Multimedia

Whether you’ve owned your business for 25 years or 25 minutes it’s worth your time and money to contact Cornerstone Insurance & Financial. Have Tony visit your business and let him guide you through the process of saving money using their suite of services. You won’t meet a better team to partner with for your insurance and financial needs.

You can find more information about Cornerstone Insurance and Financial by visiting CIFGRP.COM, liking their Facebook page, or giving them a call at 970-370-7014

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