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Dotsero’s claim to fame might be that we have a volcano right in our backyard. It might be that Dotsero lies at the confluence of the Eagle and Colorado rivers. It might be that the railroad running through Dotsero is Denver’s direct link to Salt Lake City.

However, for the families living in Dotsero, we see more than that. We see a thriving community with a lot to offer. Dotsero is a great place to live and we’d like to share some of the reasons why we are proud to call Dotsero our home.

Close But Far Away

If there’s one thing every Coloradian can agree on it’s that we love our wide open spaces. We don’t necessarily like traffic, noise, or lots of people. If you look in any direction in Dotsero you’ll see vast areas of land, flowing rivers, and free space for you to stretch out. However, Dotsero is not totally desolate from the amenities you need.

Just 8 minutes east is Gypsum, and another 8 east minutes is Eagle. Go 20 minutes west and you’re in Glenwood Springs. These larger towns are where you can run your errands, get food, and pick up supplies. In fact, I timed myself with one of my co-workers who lives by the Gypsum Golf Course and I actually beat her to Eagle because Dotsero allows for faster access to I70.

I’ve heard people say that Dotsero is too far away when in fact it’s not any further than any normal commute, but far enough away for you to feel some sense of space and freedom from more populated areas.

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Hiking & River Access

If you love to hike, fish, or float down the river, Dotsero might be calling your name. Dotsero is home to the Dotsero Landing where you’ll find river access to the Colorado River.

In addition to floating down the Colorado River, Dotsero is only 5 minutes away from some great fishing spots that can be found on the Eagle River.

Head 5 minutes west and you’ll find the Glenwood Canyon trailhead. If you haven’t walked or ridden this path we highly recommend it.

Drive further north on some gravel roads and head up Coffee Pot Road and check out the beautiful scenery of the Colorado flattops.

dotsero river landing

Longer Growing Season

Dotsero offers a longer growing season than higher altitudes. A growing season is usually calculated by the average number of days between the last frost in spring and the first severe frost in autumn. Because of the warmer weather, you’ll be happy to hear that you might be able to get your tomatoes to reach their maximum size.

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Outdoor Activities

Whether they be 20 minutes away or right outside your doorstep, outdoor activities are abundant in Dotsero. Two Rivers Village and the Dotsero Trailer Park have family-friendly parks on site. Two Rivers also has a basketball court and a huge field equipped with two soccer goals. A well-maintained field is also a great place for your dog to run around and burn off some energy.

The two ponds located in Two Rivers have running and biking trails around them with a beautiful mountain backdrop. (Use of the private ponds is for Two Rivers residents only – Sorry). Head 5 minutes east and you’ll find some large cottonwood trees that are an absolute blast to climb. (The picture in this article is of a professional tree climber – Please use caution when climbing trees). Head north 20 minutes and do some fishing and sightseeing at Sweetwater Lake.

Finding fun in Dotsero isn’t that hard. Hop outside your doorstep and you’ll see all the outdoor activities that are right in front of you.

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I saved the best feature for last. Dotsero is more affordable than any other market in the valley. If you’re a first time home buyer I would highly suggest looking in Dotsero.

Sure we might not have ski-resorts or luxuries that cost you your whole paycheck, but what we lack in fancy amenities we make up for being able to sustain the Colorado lifestyle we all strive for.

In the end, we appreciate that little extra effort we give to enjoy all that Dotsero has to offer and we get to come back to a home that we value and love.

dotsero home

Give Dotsero A Chance

In conclusion, we’ve been asked many times what we like about living in Dotsero and our response is “What’s NOT to like?”

Dotsero has certain qualities that you just can’t find anywhere. Dotsero is an affordable option for any homebuyer. Dotsero offers plenty of outdoor activities right outside our doorstep. Dotsero is a great place to raise a family and enjoy the awesome Colorado lifestyle that we all cherish so much.

Dotsero might not be a huge spot on the map, but our community certainly feels that Dotsero is a great place to live.

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