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I first met Emily Kingston on my first date with her sister, talk about meeting the family fast. I was lucky enough to have a second date and that’s when I discovered Emily Kingston’s talent. It was karaoke night at a local tavern and she hopped on stage and blew the crowd away with her beautiful voice and an impressive performance. Turns out Emily has been singing since the 4th grade. I recently got the chance to sit down with Emily and get to know her a little bit more.

emily kingston gypsum colorado

DZM: You get to choose three people to hang out with…who are they?

Emily: My sister, Emily (friend), and Melissa McCarthy.

DZM: Eliminate one thing from your daily schedule.

Emily: Ugh, waking up. Don’t get me wrong I love everything after I’m up, but the whole process of waking up is dreadful.

DZM: You’re road tripping w/ one person…who is it and where are you going?

Emily: My Dad and we’re going to California.

DZM: If you could learn any new skill what would it be?

Emily: Rock climbing or white water kayaking.

DZM: Replay a fun moment in your life?

Emily: My sister and I had just arrived in Europe and we went to this underground Irish pub and received such a warm welcoming from the biggest hearted people that kicked off a great vacation backpacking through Europe.

DZM: Add any word to the dictionary…What is it and what is it’s meaning?

Emily: It’s impossible to add just one, so many of the words that I say are just blurted out, even I don’t know what they mean.

DZM: Who’s your inspiration or people you look up to?

Emily: My Mother. She’s the strongest most supportive person I know. Also my Grandma because of her elegance and warm demeanor.

DZM: Pick any place in the whole world to perform?

Emily: Grand Ole Opry.

DZM: When did your singing talent become evident?

Emily: My parents found out right away. I would always be singing in the car or performing at home as if I was on stage.   The first time I realized my talent was at my 4th grade talent show when Troy Harris and I sang in from of our peers and I received compliments and feedback from people other than my parents. It was eye opening to have your friends come up to you and praise your talent. Troy and I continued to work on our craft all the way through high school. I owe a lot of thanks to him for collaborating with me through that time.

DZM: In a world full of creative expression…why music?

Emily: Music is beautiful and it’s a whole different language that I’m eager to explore.

DZM: Top three Pandora stations:

Emily: Texas Country, Miranda Lambert, and Country Hits

DZM: It’s karaoke night and you’re up on stage. Who’s song are you singing?

Emily: Meghan Trainor or Carrie Underwood. Once I have a couple drinks I start singing Disney songs and everyone walks out.

DZM:When do you write best?

Emily: It’s not a single time or place. Ideas come to me all day and I am continually thinking of lyrics or words….even right now.

DZM: In three words describe your style.

Emily: My. Mother’s. Daughter.

You can catch Emily singing live with her band, Derringer or by checking out her YouTube channel.  Also by connecting with Emily on Facebook or Instagram.  A huge “Thank You” goes out to Emily for taking time to talk with me today.  Our valley is filled with local talent such as Emily and Dot Zero Multimedia is looking to talk to you next.  Please visit our Contact page and drop us a line to be featured in our next Local Artist Spotlight.

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