Gypsum Skate Park

When we were kids our bikes were our lives. Our bikes were our transportation, our entertainment, our exercise, and we took extreme pride in them; decking them out with the coolest accessories, painting them with the latest colors, and working on them obsessively. We remember watching BMX superstars like Dave Mirra and Matt Hoffman compete in the X-Games and emulated their every move when we rode our bikes.

This weekend we were delighted to see kids still riding their bikes, pushing their skateboards, and peddling their scooters at the Gypsum Skatepark. We embraced the opportunity and took a ride ourselves and man was it FUN. It doesn’t matter if your 15 or 55, there’s something about dropping in on a ramp that will get you excited. Here’s a look at what the Gypsum Skate Park in Gypsum, Colorado has to offer.

The Gypsum Skate Park is a poured-concrete complete with bowls, ramps, ledges, a “fun box” and more. The facility can accommodate skaters of all levels and is open to bikes, skateboards, roller blades, traditional skates,  and scooters.

There is some serious talent here too. Whether it be skateboard, bikes, or scooters kids were testing the limits of their skills and trying new tricks. One rider stated. “I love the Gypsum Skate Park, I come here every weekend.”

We had an absolute blast this weekend hanging at the Gypsum Skate Park. What we loved most is feeling like a kid again and getting that rush of adrenaline. If you’re looking for a great way to get some exercise for the whole family head on over to the Gypsum Skate Park. It is located next to the Gypsum Libary.

For more information on the Gypsum Skate Park please visit the Town Of Gypsum website.

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