Gypsum Woman Celebrates Halloween Tradition

brooke buscemi halloween cupcakes

It’s no secret that Brooke Buscemi loves Halloween. With youthful anticipation of Halloween night, she decorates her house as if it was a haunted mansion, watches horror films that she has seen at least a dozen times, and dresses the part with Halloween-themed shirts, pants, earrings, headbands, and masks. One of her favorite October traditions is baking Halloween-themed cupcakes for her co-workers to enjoy. This year we got the opportunity to watch Brooke decorate some of her delicious cupcake creations and learn a little bit more about what gets her so excited for Halloween.

We could tell Brooke was having fun as we watched her busy hands and active eyes decorate over 200 cupcakes. “Between baking and decorating, it usually takes me about 5-6 hours,” Brooke says. Just when we thought we had a grasp on Brooke’s creative vision, she grabbed another color of frosting and started on a new design. This time it was a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting, topped with colorful sprinkles, and a bloody knife candy. “It’s really hard to decide my favorite design, but if I had to choose just one it would be the pink one with the pink ghost, crescent moon, and creepy bat because it’s both spooky and cute, also pink is my favorite color,” Brooke says with laughter.

brooke buscemi halloween cupcakes
brooke buscemi halloween cupcakes

This year Brooke had a special helper in her 3-year-old daughter, Waylynn. “It was the first year that Waylynn was able to help me which was fun. In between eating 3 cupcakes, she was able to help me with decorating and mixing ingredients.

When asked what her favorite part of making cupcakes with Mom is, Waylynn replied, “Eating the frosting and candy.”

Brooke may have some eerie Halloween traditions that make her appear ghostly, but as we know Brooke is one of the most caring individuals we know. At the end of the day she creates her Halloween cupcakes to bring joy to her co-workers. Way-To-Go Brooke!

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