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Listing your business with Google is one of the best ways to market your business online. When you consider that Google accounts for almost 80% of all desktop search traffic it becomes clear why you might want to have a Google listing that’s fully updated and accurate. There are simply too many people searching for a business like yours. Don’t ignore them! Oh yea, did we mention it’s FREE.

Introducing Google My Business

Have you ever searched for your competition on Google and saw that their business listing looked completely professional? Their listing has a phone number, hours of operation, address, photos, website links, etc. That’s because they are using Google My Business. This powerful tool can help you connect with potential customers and give them access to your business with the search power of Google.

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How Does Listing My Business On Google Help?

Lists Your Phone Number: When people are searching directly for your business on Google, chances are they already know what the need and want to speak directly to you. Why hold them up with searching through your website to find your number? Google My Business allows you to list an accurate business number, allowing customers to easily connect with you.

Lists Your Contact Information: It’s not only your phone number that Google will display. You can link an accurate map to your business’s location and include other information such as the hours you keep. This encourages people who search for you during business hours to pick up the phone and see what you have to offer.

Encourages Customer Interaction: Believe it or not, managing a business listing with Google can help you engage with customers. You can not only read your customer reviews, but respond to some of them. This helps you build trust with potential customers who are checking your reviews.

Allows You To Publish Photos: Adding a photo to your business listing not only enhances trust, but it may actually encourage more interaction than you’d think. According to Google’s statistics, businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps. They also receive 35% more clicks to their website.

Builds Reputation: Businesses that verify their information via Google Business are twice as likely to have customers view them as “reputable.” That reduces uncertainty about your business and encourages people to pick up the phone and dial your number.

Start Creating Your Google My Business Listing

  • Visit
  • Enter your business name.
  • On the location prompt, select “Yes,” then enter your office address.
  • If you serve areas outside your location, select that option and enter in these areas.
  • Type in a business category and select the one most appropriate for your business.
  • Select the contact details you want to share with customers, entering in your phone number and current website URL.
  • Click “Finish” to finish and verify.

Google’s business verification process is a straightforward process with several options, such as verifying a business listing by mail. In that case, Google sends a postcard to your entered address. This postcard contains a code you use to verify the address online. Select businesses can also verify themselves via phone number or email, although this may not always be available for your entry.

In Conclusion

Adding your business to Google My Business can seem redundant. After all, you already have a contact page with your address and phone number. However, consider that most people start with Google when browsing the internet and you can quickly see why it’s so important. If people can’t find you on Google, chances are they may never find you at all.

If you need assistance setting up your Google My Business account or have any other internet marketing questions please feel free to reach out. Our phone number is 970-401-3044, our email is, and of course you can find us on Google.

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