Marketing Your Business In Small Mountain Towns

For us, living and working in a small mountain town is a dream come true. We love the feeling of community, the slow pace, the fresh air, and the sense that your neighbor is willing to do whatever it takes to help you get the job done.

That being said, living and working in a small mountain town has its challenges. You probably don’t have a large supermarket around the corner, wild animals keep attacking your trash can, and you’d love to have entertainment right outside your doorstep, but that’s just not going to happen all the time.

With the challenges that come from living in a small mountain town also come opportunities, especially with local businesses. Local business owners have a chance to become a staple in their community and not get lost in the crowd. In this article, we’ll be discussing some marketing tactics that businesses in small mountain towns can deploy to have a real shot at sustained success.

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Sponsor Local Events
An essential way to build your business’s reputation with the locals is to use promotions at local events. Sponsor theatre events, local sports teams, parades, and so on, or host your own event. This small-town marketing tactic should be fun! By showing your willingness to invest in the community, you will promote your business without having to use the hard sell, which turns many locals off. Create an event that the locals will love and tell their friends about.

Outdoor Focus
Different features are what visitors and locals are looking for in small mountain towns. A multidimensional marketing approach focusing on a variety of outdoor and natural attractions attracts the attention of travelers and potential new residents. Online and print materials showing the outdoors, in-town dining options, overnight lodging, and directions from a well-known geographic center help bring visitors to the small town. Marketing materials showing year-round outdoor activities capture the eye of locals and potential new residents.

Get Local Press Coverage & Be Active Online
One of the advantages of marketing in small towns is the lack of competition you have with the bigger brands. Therefore, the local press will love to hear your brand’s story, especially if it’s unique. Create interesting spins on your company story, and make sure the local press knows about your special events.

In addition to communicating with the local press, an easy-to-use website and updated social media channels are sufficient for small-town marketing. Look at where your targeted customer base is hanging out online, and join them! Monitor online reviews of your company and respond to them accordingly. Don’t have any reviews? Ask for them. Your loyal customer base will be happy to write some kind words about your business.

Family-Friendly Qualities
One key marketing strategy for small mountain town businesses includes an emphasis on the family. Families look for towns with parks that have playgrounds, walking areas, and bicycle trails. Use these features to your advantage by partnering with your town parks-and-rec department. Reach out to them and see if your business can sponsor a park or even a trash can located along a popular walking trail. This type of exposure shows that your business puts community and family first.

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Use Word of Mouth As A Marketing Strategy
In a small mountain town, community members will normally have a preferred supplier, contractor, or shop that they go to when they need something. If they don’t they will call their friend to see who they recommend. Therefore, an effective small mountain town marketing tactic is getting out into the community to let people know what you do. Network with other business owners to find out what they do and how you can work together, and give them your business card. By becoming a friendly name for the community and businesses, you will promote your business without actually having to pay for any marketing.

Feature the Arts
Small mountain towns are typically ingrained with a rich art heritage. Featuring the fresh work of local artists and the work of former artists with national or regional notoriety can attract tourists and art collectors. Again, marketing your business in small mountain towns is all about community and caring. Showcasing others’ work is a great way to show you care and are paying attention.

Give Away Freebies
Giving away freebies is a great way of getting people through the door. If you have limited budget, start small. For example, offer a freebie to the first 25 people who come to your store. Everyone loves an incentive, and if you do get more people than you expected, why not offer them a discount on a product or service? That way, you are generating sales while getting the local community to try your business.

Use Local SEO Techniques
One of the best things you can do to market a local small-town business is to make use of local SEO tactics. Even if your business is small it’s still important to have an easy-to-use website that showcases your goods and services. Once you’ve launched a website, you’ll also need to use SEO techniques to get more visitors from Google and other search engines. Local-specific SEO tactics include signing up for a Google My Business account, using local keywords on your site, and getting positive reviews for your business online. You should also ensure that your site is completely mobile-responsive so that people who are searching for your type of business while on-the-go in your town can easily find your business. Make use of free online directories. Include your business name, address, phone number, and a description of what goods or services your business offers.

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In Conclusion
Living and working in a small mountain town is a dream come true. However, as business owners we must face the challenges of the market. We hope that you take advantage of some of these tips and make yourself a staple in your community.

Of course, if you have any questions or need assistance deploying some of these tactics please feel free to reach out to Dot Zero Multimedia at or call 970-401-3044.

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