The Customer Avatar & Why It’s Important

farmers market customer avatar

The Customer Avatar is a detailed profile of who your business is selling to. From time to time you get so focused on what you’re selling that you forget to think about who you’re selling it to. Knowing and applying your Customer Avatar profile will keep you focused on providing […]

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What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

social media management dot zero multimedia

Social Media Management has gained significant importance in the current business landscape. It’s no longer acceptable for small businesses to forego activity on social media. Traffic on social media is so big that if you’re not using it to your advantage you could be missing out on opportunities. When offering […]

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6 Benefits Of Working From Home

working from home

We’ve been a big fan of working from home over the years. Working from home was a relatively new concept at the beginning of our careers, but given the current landscape of a deadly pandemic sweeping our planet, businesses were forced to change the way they thought about it and […]

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Capturing Professional Images With Your Phone

photography with cell phone

Shooting stunning photos with your cell phone is easier than you think if you follow a couple of rules. The other day I was out shooting with my professional Canon camera and decided to conduct and experiment. I wanted to see if their was a huge difference between this camera […]

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Chef – A Business & Marketing “How To” Movie

chef the movie

Every once in awhile we watch a movie and take away something that we can incorporate into our personal or professional lives. Now we’re not claiming to be professional movie critics or anything, but we really enjoyed the movie Chef and thought there were some really good business tips in […]

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How Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogging is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, build brand awareness, provide relevant and useful content, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers. According to a recent inbound marketing report, nearly 80% of companies use blogging as a part of their marketing […]

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5 Free Ways To Support Local Business

support local dot zero multimedia

Everyone has their favorite local business, a friend that has started their own small business, or even an organization that needs help. Starting a local business is both exciting for you and for the business owner. You get to see them follow their dreams and the business owner gets to […]

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Restaurant Menu Design – The Psychology That Feeds Your Choices

The restaurant menu is a list of items that a restaurant offers. We’ve all seen one, pretty basic, right? MAYBE NOT!! Menu design is quite complex and takes into consideration such things as how the reader’s eyes move, how the brain reacts to text, how color effects feelings, and how […]

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