Listing Your Business On Google

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Listing your business with Google is one of the best ways to market your business online. When you consider that Google accounts for almost 80% of all desktop search traffic it becomes clear why you might want to have a Google listing that’s fully updated and accurate. There are simply […]

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Digital Retargeting

browser cookies

Have you ever been browsing your favorite website and all the sudden an ad with content from a previously visited site appears?  How did they do that? How do they know that you’ve shown interest in that product/service? How can this placement of targeted ads be beneficial?  Enter the world […]

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8 Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

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Are you feeling like all your marketing efforts aren’t gaining the traction you were expecting? Do you struggle with planning social media posts that resonate with your audience? Have you hit a wall with creative marketing ideas? DON’T WORRY!! Every marketing or social media manager goes through this process. Not […]

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Half Baked – A Marketing Success Story

half baked

Half Baked was originally released in January of 1998 and it quickly became an instant comedy classic. Some readers may even quote this movie from time to time. For example, “If he ain’t back in five minutes, we calling Dominos” or “Get me an avocado, an ice pick, and my […]

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5 Simple Marketing Strategies

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Marketing your business doesn’t have to be complex. Set your business up for success with these simple marketing strategies. Your current marketing strategies, successful or not, are likely due for some updates.  These fresh, budget-friendly marketing strategies may just be your ticket to really make an impact. Use Coffee As […]

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