Matt Garth – Featured Local Artist

We first met local musician Matt Garth when he was performing live music at Eagle Ranch Golf Course. When we heard Matt’s vocal style we couldn’t help but sit and listen for a song. After listening for more than just “a song” it was evident that Matt has some serious talent.

Matt was born and raised in Eagle, Colorado and performs regulary at some great local venues. We recently got a chance to sit down with Matt and pick his brain about what he enjoys about his talent and some things he’s up to now.

matt garth music

DZM: Who first got you into music?
MG: My Dad got me into music first with his vast CD collection and love of guitar. He is the first person that comes to mind when I think of all the great music he opened me up to.

DZM: How would you describe your style of music?
MG: My style of music comes from influences of Neil Young, Bob Marley, 90’s Grunge and Motown. I’m broad and diverse, and I love all music across many genres. I love putting my own twists on covers and creating “medleys” which is going from one song directly into the next. So many songs use the same chord progressions that make it easy for me to transition from a Bob Marley song right into a Jack Johnson song for instance. It shows off a variety of different artists I cover in one long rendition.

matt garth music

DZM: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
MG: I would love to collaborate with anyone who wants to collaborate with me. It’s most flattering when other musicians see me perform and immediately want to create music with me.

DZM: What’s the best part about performing in Eagle County?
MG: This is where I grew up and what I call home, so playing music in my hometown is something I’ve always dreamed of. I get to play for people and make them happy through music, to do that in my hometown is something I am very grateful to have. I cherish being from Eagle County and very blessed to get my start in music where I’m from.

matt garth music

DZM: What other talents do you have?
MG: I don’t know what my other talents are, but I am a well rounded individual. I consider myself an athlete who played football (Go Devils) and I play men’s league hockey (Go Huskies). I like to snowboard too. I played drums and saxophone growing up so music runs deep in my blood.

DZM: Musicians that you admire?
MG: Van Morrison, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, John Mayer, Ray Lamontagne, Neil Young and Smoky Robinson.

matt garth music

When we asked Matt if he has anything he wants to say to his fans he says….

“I love my fans; new, old, and yet to be. They are the ones I admire most. They recognize my talents, appreciate what I do, and it is the greatest compliment I ever receive from whoever and whenever I get it. I am so grateful for you and I hope to continue to make memories for my fans as long as I’m able! I can’t say thank you enough, but I’ll say it again… thank you for your appreciation and your support.”

You can check out Matt Garth performing live at The Westin Riverfront in Avon, The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, The Ritz Carlton Vail, and The Grand Hyatt in Vail. He also plays at The Drunken Goat in Edwards, and is working on some Bonfire Brewery gigs in Eagle.

You can find Matt online through his Facebook and Instagram pages. His website will be up and running soon

Thank you Matt for taking time to talk with us today, keep on playing awesome music and we hope to see you soon.


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