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Speaking from personal experience, the tree service industry will push you to your limits. The job requires a Navy Seal like mental toughness and world-class athlete physical strength. There’s a reason why tree work is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

Mountain Dog Tree Care, based out of Eagle, Colorado is taking tree care in our mountain towns to the next level. We recently got a chance to sit down with Justin Maguire, owner of Mountain Dog Tree Care and pick his brain about why the tree service industry is both challenging and rewarding.

DZM: How many years experience do you have in the tree service industry?

JM: I’ve been climbing and trimming trees since 2007. To be recognized as one of the best in the industry you have to become a certified arborist. I received my certification in 2014.

DZM: What’s the best part about your job?

JM: Pictures of our mountain towns are something you see in a postcard, so working outside in this area is one of the most enjoyable things that I get to experience everyday. Of course, there’s always eating lunch on a log, playing jungle gym in different back yards everyday, and the great people in tree worker community.

DZM: What’s your favorite thing about living/working in Eagle County?

JM: Look around, Eagle County is beautiful! I love all the big beautiful houses, nice homeowners,  and the weather is great for me to go outside and climb trees.

mountain dog tree care

DZM: What’s the biggest reward you receive from your job?

JM: Saving a trees life is the best feeling. Also, I get to see my work and do my part to keep the community beautiful and healthy.

DZM: What’s the strangest thing that’s happened since opening Mountain Dog Tree Care?

JM: Probably wildlife encounters in trees. Besides the obvious birds, there’s squirrels, racoons, spiders, and tons of bugs.

DZM: What are three pieces of advice for people seeking to improve the life of their trees?

JM: Water around the base of the tree, protect the soil (compaction,  ph levels,  microbes),  and do some minor pruning (crown thinning) for wind and light penetration.

DZM: What’s the highest tree you’ve climbed?

JM: 100+ ft Doug fir in Cordillera/Yeoman Park.

mountain dog tree care

DZM: Tree climbing requires knowledge of many knots. What are your favorite knots?

JM: Just 3? Oh man. Running/slip bowline, alpine butterfly,  & figure 8.

DZM: What pieces of equipment do you use up in a tree?

JM: Pulleys, friction savers, foot ascended, pole saws, and chain saws. These are the necessary tools to do my job. I try to keep it light for safety and maneuverability.

DZM: Tell us more about the name “Mountain Dog Tree Care?

JM: Cassia is my 10 + yr old burnese mountain dog that has been doing work w/ me since the beginning. On site alarm from wildlife and great with homeowners.

mountain dog tree care

We want to thank Justin as he was kind enough to take us along with him as he was practicing and preparing tree climibing for this year’s season. Let us be the first ones to tell you, this guy knows how to climb a tree. By the time he was 40 feet up in a tree we were just beginning our ascend. It was a fun day and you can really tell the Justin is a expert in the industry and really loves what he does.

You can find more information or request a quote from Mountain Dog Tree Care by visiting their website at or by calling 970-389-7081. See more pictures and posts on the Mountain Dog Tree Care Facebook page.

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