Blog Post with $50 Facebook Boost Budget

During the discovery phone call/interview Dot Zero Multimedia gains a ton of insight to your goals and business model. These responses typically make a great story. This blog post will be published on the Dot Zero Multimedia website for added exposure. These blog posts are meant to inform readers and bring out some personality in the business.

Facebook Page Management/Reporting

Dot Zero Multimedia will update all necessary information on your Facebook and/or Instagram page. Your social pages will be monitored on a daily basis and you will be informed of any comments that Dot Zero Multimedia can’t answer right away. Clients will receive a monthly report detailing the results of all content posted the previous month.

2 posts/week – Facebook Only

Dot Zero Multimedia will create and schedule social media posts on your Facebook page. Each month the client and Dot Zero Multimedia will meet to discuss the next month’s scheduled posts and creative.

Facebook Post Boost Ad Spend – $10/post

For added exposure Dot Zero Multimedia will place a $10 boost on each social media post. You and DZM will discuss the audience that will be targeted at the monthly social media posting meeting. All boosts and ad spend will be accounted for using Dot Zero Multimedia’s Ad Account.