Mountain Dog Tree Care Case Study

Project Background

Mountain Dog Tree Care is a local tree service that specializes in Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, and Fire Mitigation. The client is seeking a vendor to handle the building and maintenance of their website, management of Google Ads, Retargeting Display Ads, and Social Ads.

How Dot Zero Multimedia Can Help?

Dot Zero Multimedia has over 10 years of working with many different brands to enhance their online visibility through digital marketing. This experience allows us to quickly and accurately update your online presence and create a workflow that can be used to build towards the future. Below is a proposed Digital Marketing program that allows us to accomplish your goals.

Goals & Objectives

  • Design and build a functioning website to educate potential customers of the services available.
  • Integrate email functionality into the website so Mountain Dog Tree Care can collect email addresses to communicate with leads.
  • Enhance and optimize Mountain Dog Tree Care’s Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business accounts. Set a posting schedule and post ideas.
  • Manage monthly paid social campaigns to draw the attention of local homeowners and property managers.
  • Build up Mountain Dog Tree Care’s listing on Google Maps to be included for local search.

Google Adwords

A Google Adwords campaign will ensure that Mountain Dog Tree Care will get listed when a user is searching out related keywords and phrases.

  • Keywords: Tree Care, Tree Maintenance, Tree Service, Tree Pruning, Fire Mitigation, Tree Removal, Arborist
  • Success Metrics: Success will be determined by the campaign PPC (cost/click), CPM (cost/impression), and CTR (click-thru rate).

Retargeting & Contextual Display

Retargeting is the display of online ads to users who have already visited the website. The contextual display is the delivery of online advertising to a target demographic that shows interest in one or more criteria.

  • Success Metrics: Success will be determined by the campaign PPC (cost/click), CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), and CTR (click-thru rate).