Performing A Digital Audit

digital audit featured image

A digital marketing audit is a thorough inspection of the tactics and results of your company’s digital marketing efforts. This includes your website, social media accounts, pay-per-click ads, etc. The goal of a digital marketing audit is to determine which elements of your marketing strategy are or aren’t successful in […]

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Business Owners Should Be Outsourcing These 3 Tech Tasks

outsourcing business operations

Technology plays an increasingly growing role in business management. As a business owner, you hardly have time to focus on the many different tech-related tasks that are fundamental to your daily operations. Some of these tech jobs require years of experience or specialized training. For that reason, you should outsource […]

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Tech Savvy Skills For Small Business Owners

tech savvy business owner

The days of a small business owner effectively managing operations with a phone and a Rolodex are gone. To successfully launch and grow a new business means you need to have a range of tech skills that help you sell, market, communicate, analyze, share, plan and organize your business. Before […]

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Capturing Professional Images With Your Phone

photography with cell phone

Shooting stunning photos with your cell phone is easier than you think if you follow a couple of rules. The other day I was out shooting with my professional Canon camera and decided to conduct and experiment. I wanted to see if their was a huge difference between this camera […]

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The Benefits Of Rising Early

hitting alarm clock with hammer

As daylight savings time approached this morning I found myself getting up an hour earlier. I quickly felt the benefits of getting up early and they were felt throughout the rest of my day. Now, let me first explain that I’m usually a night owl and that’s fine. However, switching […]

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Installing The Facebook Pixel Into Your WordPress Site

facebook pixel

Are you looking to start advertising your brand on Facebook?  A crucial step is installing the Facebook Pixel to your website.  Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone.  In this article, we’ll show you how to generate the Facebook pixel and install it on your WordPress site. What Is […]

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