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The Find – Local Business Spotlight

Imagine this…you’re all done shopping for the holiday season, you’ve wrapped up all the gifts, you pour yourself a victory drink and at that very moment you remember…Aunt Phyllis.  We all have an Aunt Phyllis in our family and if you think you don’t…then you’re probably Aunt Phyllis.

Aunt Phyllis is no picnic to shop for.  She likes to shop local, she likes different gifts that you can’t find just anywhere, she likes when the person who gives the gift has a story about where they found it and how cool the shop was.  You think to yourself “Where in the Eagle County area could I find such a place?”…introducing The Find.


I have a special relationship with The Find because my office is about 5 doors down from their shop (233 Broadway in Downtown Eagle) and I frequently go there to find gifts that you can’t get just anywhere.  The shop is beautifully laid out with a broad selection of items from clothes to necklaces at a price point that won’t break the bank (anywhere from $10 – $50).  I recently got a change to sit down with Ida Kostka and Carrie Cossette, sister in-laws and co-owners of The Find, and get to know them a little bit more.

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Ty: Tell me about your “ah ha” moment when you decided that going into business was something you wanted to pursue.

Carrie: We both had gotten our morning coffee, which we do almost everyday, and were ready to drive up valley to consign our bags of clothes from the past year and we both thought how fun it would be to do this everyday…not only the coffee, but to help other people shop.  Boom!! that’s how it started.

Ty: Take me through a typical day.

Carrie:  It changes everyday, which is what makes it so much fun.

Ty: Where do you find the items that you offer to customers?

Ida:  We try to find unique Colorado vendors for our jewelry and accessories.  We are also a consignment store, so everyday people bring us things.

Ty: In three words describe your product offering.

Carrie: Affordable. Fun. Consignment.

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Ty: Why the Eagle County area for The Find?

Ida: Could there be any better place?  We feel so incredibly blessed to get to live, work, play, and raise our families in Eagle County.  We love our community!

Ty: What inspires you to keep pushing forward?

Carrie: We love Eagle and our customers.  It makes us happy to provide an affordable place to shop.

Ty: Craziest or wackiest moment since you’ve opened your doors?

Carrie: We are located in Sarah Fulford’s old house and we are pretty sure we have spirits watching over us.

Ty: What ideas pop in your mind that keep you up at night?

Ida:  Mine would be what sales trends are happening that I can enter into the Excel spreadhseet.  Carrie’s would be what cute, new window design she can decorate or something she could drag out of the trash to make as a funky display.

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Ty: How can someone purchase items from The Find?

Ida: Come swing by the store and check us out.  We’re located at 355 Broadway, downtown Eagle, CO.

Ty: How can we learn more about The Find?

Carrie: Visit our Facebook page…The Find or give us a call 970-430-8113

Ty: Are there any people you’d like to thank or a message to customers?

Carrie: We LOVE our locals, thank you so much for shopping small and keeping it local.  Please swing by the store with some coffee for some good conversation and let us help you with a few good outfits and gift ideas.

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The Find is a great example of one of the many shops around the Eagle County area where you can find items that you can’t find just anywhere.  Whether it be for yourself, friend, or family member The Find is definetly a store I would visit before sending out your final gifts this holiday season.  Swing by sometime with a fresh cup of coffee and let the ladies at The Find select something perfect for you.

Thanks for reading!


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