Repurposing Digital Content

repurposing digital media content

Repurposing digital content sounds pretty easy, right? Take existing content, rewrite it a bit, add in some up-to-date stats and facts, and give it a new visual. Except that’s not what it means to repurpose content. Repurposing content is more than just a quick facelift. It’s all-over cosmetic surgery. When […]

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Paul M Gallagher – Featured Author Spotlight

paul gallagher a perfect walk

Paul M. Gallagher wrote A Perfect Walk to encourage youth and adults to open up about their mental and emotional battles to someone trustworthy, to confide their anguish caused by childhood accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. If you have emotional and mental issues that debilitate you a little—or a lot—Paul’s story […]

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The Customer Avatar & Why It’s Important

farmers market customer avatar

The Customer Avatar is a detailed profile of who your business is selling to. From time to time you get so focused on what you’re selling that you forget to think about who you’re selling it to. Knowing and applying your Customer Avatar profile will keep you focused on providing […]

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What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

social media management dot zero multimedia

Social Media Management has gained significant importance in the current business landscape. It’s no longer acceptable for small businesses to forego activity on social media. Traffic on social media is so big that if you’re not using it to your advantage you could be missing out on opportunities. When offering […]

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Jamie O’Hern – Mountain Bike Instructor

eagle colorado mountain biking

“Jamie is an essential piece of my mountain bike success.” “Jamie’s mountain biking lessons are a blast!” These are some of the comments you’ll hear when talking about Mountain Bike instructor Jamie O’Hern. In Jamie’s 5th year of living in Eagle she’s already made a name for herself as a […]

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6 Benefits Of Working From Home

working from home

We’ve been a big fan of working from home over the years. Working from home was a relatively new concept at the beginning of our careers, but given the current landscape of a deadly pandemic sweeping our planet, businesses were forced to change the way they thought about it and […]

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Mountain Dog Tree Care – Local Business Spotlight

mountain dog tree care

Speaking from personal experience, the tree service industry will push you to your limits. The job requires a Navy Seal like mental toughness and world-class athlete physical strength. There’s a reason why tree work is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Mountain Dog Tree Care, […]

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Dear Waylynn – A COVID-19 Birth Story

pregnancy during covid 19

Dear Waylynn, Welcome to the world sweet baby girl. We love you! You’re perfect in every way and even in the little time you’ve been with us, you have brought Mommy and me so much joy. Before I start down your incredible journey, I want to say that every child […]

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